Why is Sales So Distasteful?

Sales is one of the least preferred areas of career specialization after an MBA. But sales is prevalent in life and in business. This article explains a popular method of getting better at sales and closing more deals.

When I talk to MBA students about sales as a career, a distasteful look fleets across their faces. For may getting into sales after doing an MBA from a top MBA college is unthinkable. I sympathize. The image of a sales person conning you into buying something you do not need comes to mind. I did hardcore sales for 2 years and then decided never to do it again. Lo and behold, for the last 10 odd years I have been spending an increasing proportion of my time selling. As I grow more senior in an organization, I am selling my organization’s products to customers, the organization’s prospects to shareholders and the organization’s values to current and prospective employees.

The reason selling seems distasteful is probably because I am dependent on the ‘buyer’ to make a decision and therefore I am in his power. Maybe this hurts my ego. Another reason could be that there is no set formula for success and we need to make a new effort and come up with a new tactic for each sale. This means we need to understand and adapt to each situation as it comes. There is no predictability and so a perceived loss of control.

Is convincing people not selling? Am I not spending my day in and outside office convincing and being convinced? How can I escape selling?

So let us get real. We sell all our life and sales is unpredictable. There is statistically a 50 percent chance of success or failure. If our success rate more that 50%, we are ahead of the curve.

Although there is no formula, I have adapted the old Xerox methodology for selling. This was called the SPANCO method.

In order to sell anything, including myself for a job, I can follow this method.

How to close the used car sale…

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