Which Automobile Insurance – Michigan Car Insurance To Go For?


Insurance is a dicey, hard to predict business. Its entire premise is to help somebody recover from an accident financially, but it is now a lucrative business all over the world. That is exactly why being judicious and cautious while buying automobile insurance – Michigan Car Insurance is first priority.One of the first steps one must take is visiting the state’s department of insurance website. Although you may not know of it, each and every state has an insurance department, such as the Department of Insurance in US. They keep track of each company’s consumer complaint ratio. This is the number of complaints a car company received per thousand claims filed for damages. This ratio is unbiased and extends locally, and is hence very useful to the consumer.A good way to decide is to get cost estimates and schemes from different companies, then compare them against their consumer-complaint ratios. Whichever company gives you the most balanced service should be your first choice.Also, if for some reason, you don’t have access to your state’s insurance feedback, you may try other states. This is to check the general trend across the country. Remember, the insurance you choose is as important as the vehicle itself. So go through these meticulously.Ongoing surveys are also helpful, and those concerning automobile insurance are quite frequent. Read newspapers and magazines for professional reviews, or use search engines to study feedback. Ask around in a repair or body shop you can trust, and gain first hand info from them. They are usually the most experienced in this area. Determine which companies have the easiest claim process and make an informed decision.So, as is obvious, getting insurance is as important and essential as the vehicle you buy itself. This instruction set should steer you clear of most mishaps, although it never hurts to be cautious while picking Michigan car insurance.
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World’s First Car!

I got to drive the world’s first car (replica), patented by Benz in 1886
Check out the series on new safety features: http://ve42.co/MB
This video is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, who invited me to come to Stuttgart to see their latest cars, crash test facilities and experience the innovations they are working on.

Physics is something that is directly applicable to car safety. Cars go fast, but they also sometimes collide with obstacles, which brings them to a sudden stop, subjecting the car and occupants to very high accelerations, which can cause injury or death. So the major idea to improve car safety is to reduce these accelerations and there are a number of ways to do this:

Passive safety:

Seat belts: keep passengers in the vehicle, preventing them from continuing with constant velocity, flying through the windshield and suffering a worse deceleration when they make contact with the road.

Crumple zones: increase the distance over which deceleration occurs, thereby reducing peak magnitude of deceleration.

Air bags: increase the distance over which the head decelerates, again reducing peak magnitude of deceleration of the head.

Active Safety:
Anti-lock braking system: rather than ‘locking’ the wheels as can happen if you slam on the brakes with a traditional braking system leading to the tires skidding across the road, ABS attempts to control the amount of braking so that the tires always roll with static friction in contact with the road. This increases the backward frictional force that can be applied to the tires, again increasing the distance over which deceleration occurs, and it gives the driver an opportunity to steer to avoid the collision (hence why it’s referred to as an active safety system).

Special thanks to Mercedes for having me visit facilities in Stuttgart. I had a lot of fun making these videos so please do check out the series on Mercedes Benz’s channel: http://ve42.co/MB

Filmed by Simon Schneider
Edited by Hoplite Creative and Trevor Carlee