Vital Things to Look For in Transmission Service Atlanta

Proper maintenance of a car is very important to keep it in proper running condition.

Though the oil of the car is generally changed, whenever the car is sent for servicing, there are times when owners tend to neglect it.

It keeps getting postponed indefinitely and this negligence causes further damage to the car. It is generally recommended that conventional oil must be changed after every 3,000 miles.

Similarly synthetic oil should be changed after every 5,000 miles.

It is recommended by transmission Atlanta mechanics that the oil filter should be changed too along with the oil change every time.

In spite of these clear instructions, large number of car owner’s delay changing of oil to either save money or time.

It needs to be understood that oil change is affordable and does not cost a fortune. Since it has many advantages, it must be made a necessary part of your car maintenance.

Below are listed some advantages of getting a regular transmission check-up done:

1) Reduced Friction

All parts of the car engine get lubricated by clean oil. This prevents them from rubbing against each other and causing major damages later.

2) Cleaner engine

Debris and junk start collecting in the engine because of dirty oil. This hinders the movement of the engine and starts interfering with the performance of the car.

3) Stable Temperature

Clean oil reduces friction and heat generated. Your car is likely to get overheated if it is running on low or dirty oil.

4) Lower Emissions

Clean oil reduces air pollution because of decreased emissions.

5) Better Mileage

If the engine is well lubricated, it would run very smoothly and give you more mileage, thereby saving your money.

Despite the fact that replacing the transmission is very costly and unpleasant, many people ignore this important part of elementary maintenance of their automobiles.

Besides keeping transmission working correctly by transmission flush, you will also save on expenses due to replacements and costly transmission service Atlanta.

After sometime, fluid in transmission gets polluted with debris and dirt, which can be cleared by a flush. Clean oil can then be refilled in the transmission.

Transmission fluid can also be drained at home, but it is likely to leave behind big amount of fluid in the torque converter and cooling lines.

Thus transmission flush is essential for complete cleaning and the replacement of transmission fluid at a reputed transmission repair Atlanta GA Company.

Many car owners delay flushing of their transmission as they consider it to be expensive.

It should be understood that normally replacing transmission fluid costs $100 whereas the cost of replacing the transmission is thousands of dollars.

Transmission should be flushed after running the car after 30000 to 60000 miles.

There is no need to change transmission fluid quite often. Fluid level should to be checked regularly for avoiding any problems later.

If the car is run on low level of transmission fluid, it will have problems shifting which might damage the transmission.

Transmission fluid needs to be checked regularly for ensuring that fluid level remains between two hatch marks. Running car on dirty oil is harmful to car and the environment as well.