Improving Auto Repair Shops’ Reputations


Auto repair shops employ mechanics and other workers who toil away fixing motorists’ cars. Many car owners feel powerless when their vehicles break down because they don’t know much about the internal mechanical workings of their automobile. When a person is clueless, it makes them feel out of control. While most garage owners are honest and run legitimate operations, there are a few who are not. Unfortunately, the tales of the dishonest shops spread like wildfire and the trustworthy garages suffer because of it. In order to improve the public’s view of their integrity, automotive repair shops are taking steps to improve their reputation. Here are some things to think about:- Giving back the old parts: When an automotive part has to be replaced, customers who come to pick up their vehicle are given a detailed statement of everything that was done and the old, broken item in a sealed plastic bag. With this hands-on evidence, there will be no question that it was, in fact, damaged and that a new one is in its place.- Written estimates for second opinions: Garages give written detailed estimates of needed repairs so that the customer can obtain a second opinion. Having everything in writing and welcoming second opinions shows a businessperson’s honesty and lets customers check it for themselves.- Clear Mechanic: A company called CM offers a video educational information program that explains to customers exactly what their mechanics are talking about. When mechanics refer to a “blown head gasket” or some other term that’s confusing to a layperson, these clips will illustrate what the term means. This company’s service is based on the premise that transparent communication between service personnel and motorists will encourage trust to naturally develop.- Education eliminates confusion: The better educated a person is about anything, the less wary they are of it. Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about all types of auto repair and preventative maintenance tasks. Some service shops offer the education and training through mini-courses and videos. This allows clearing up of confusion and the establishment of a better relationship between business owner and drivers.- Lots of trustworthy garages out there: In the United States of America, there are 17,000 auto dealer franchises, 160,000 privately owned garages and lots of independently owned chains. It’s amazing that the few dishonest operations could taint the reputations of so many honest and hardworking places.- Finding a shop you can trust: When it’s time to find a new car repair place, the best place to start is by getting word-of-mouth recommendations. Asking family members, neighbors, co-workers and friends who they take their sedans, trucks and SUVs to will be a great way to gather names. It’s especially wise to go to shops that have been in business in your town for some time and have developed reputable track records.Auto repair shops, by and large, are honest and trustworthy. A few dishonest ones coupled with motorists not knowing much about mechanical issues have contributed to some tainted views. Automotive shops are working hard to turn this misconception around.

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