Get More Sales With Your Sales Messages

Get More Sales With Your Sales Messages
Copyright 2002 Bob Leduc

You can get more sales with your sales messages by making
sure they always include the following 7 key features.

1. A Captivating Headline

Always include a captivating headline at the top of your
sales letters and web pages. An enticing headline captures
your reader’s attention and compels them to
your message.

The most effective headline is a short dramatic statement
promising a benefit. For example, “Easy Way to Double Your

2. Believable Claims

If the actual results you can produce for your customers
sound too good to be true, they will assume it is not true
and they will not buy. Understate any claims that sound
exaggerated even if they are true.

3. Authentic Testimonials

Testimonials from satisfied customers prove you lived up to
your promises in the past. They overcome your prospective
customer’s skepticism and replace it with confidence in you
and the claims you make.

Develop the habit of asking your customers and clients for
testimonials. Then use them in all your marketing efforts.
Get permission from your customers to include their real
names and addresses with their testimonials. Testimonials
from real people are believable. Anonymous testimonials are

4. A Motivating Offer

Your offer is the only reason people respond to your
advertising. They want the “deal” you are promoting (free
information, special price, free bonus with order, etc.).
Include an enticing offer in every sales message. A strong
offer will maximize the number of responses you get.

5. A Risk-Free Transaction

Do you know the major reason why people often hesitate to
buy something – even if they want or need it? They do not
want to risk getting something different than they expect.

Eliminate this risk by guaranteeing your customer’s
satisfaction. If you sell products, offer a liberal money
back guarantee. If you provide a service, offer to continue
working without additional charge until your customer is
satisfied with the results. Make the transaction risk-free
for your customers and you will get more sales.

6. A Magnetic “P.S.”

Most prospects glance at the beginning of your web page or
sales letter then jump to the end before reading anything in
between. Take advantage of this and put something at the end
of your message to stimulate their interest. Create it like
a second headline – but in the form of a “P.S.”

For example, emphasize your offer, highlight a deadline or
dramatize a significant benefit. An effective P.S.
reinforces the attention you captured with your headline.
Together they motivate prospects to read your entire

7. A Compelling Reason To Buy Now

People tend to procrastinate after they decide to buy
something. As time passes, other things distract them and
they forget about you.

You can avoid losing many of these sales by rewarding
customers for taking immediate action and penalizing them if
they do not. Give them a compelling reason to accept your
offer within a short time – or forfeit the benefit of it.
For example, offer a special discount price or a special
bonus for ordering before a specific deadline.

Make sure your sales messages always include all 7 of these
key features. They create the most favorable conditions for
getting a sale.

Bob Leduc is a Sales Consultant with 30 years experience in
building successful businesses. He just released a totally
New Edition of his best selling manual, How To Build Your
Small Business Fast With Simple Postcards, and several other
publications to help small businesses grow and prosper.
Email: Subject: “Postcards”
Phone: 702-658-1707 after 10 AM Pacific Time/Las Vegas, NV

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