Car Dealer Scam Turned Against Private Sellers

Car dealerships are often considered a bastion of scams and deceit against their customers.  The tables have turned as their lust for sales is being played upon by some pretty clever scam artists.

While most dealerships are catching wind of this, the scam is now being used on private sellers.  Anyone who plans on listing a car online now or in the future MUST read this article.

It has never been more difficult to make a buck in the car business.  Searching Google for “Car Buying Tips” yields nearly 8 million websites packed with information consumers can use to get a better deal.  Throw in sites with new car invoices like Edmunds and sites with competitive used car pricing like Phoenix Used Cars and you can see that it’s not your father’s Oldsmobile market.

Enter stage left the dealership scam artists.  No, not the salesman throwing in the floor mats to close a high profit deal; in this case, the dealerships are the “scammees”.

Here is the text of an email received by Oklahoma City Ford today:

“Hi Seller,I am interested in the immediate purchase of item, Could you kindly let me know the present condition, availability, asking price and the current location. I am willing to send your payment by check and i am willing to accept shipping responsibilities via my shipping company. Email me at once, thanks in advance.Kevin”

This particular email was sent based upon a posting on a free classified site.

Here is what happens next:

Here are some other sample emails received lately: