Brake Repair In A Pinch: When Brakes Go Bad


Some car maintenance jobs are easy to plan out. For example, most drivers know they need to change their oil and filters every three thousand miles or as recommended by their car manufacturer. But when it comes to knowing when to replace your brake pads, there is no easy mileage answer; you may need a brake repair expert.Unlike oil level, which can be checked with a simple dipstick by even a novice mechanic, assessing your car’s brakes is far from simple. In order to look at your brakes, the tires must be removed so that the mechanisms can be examined. Once the tires are off, a mechanic can assess the condition of your pads and calipers; they’ll then let you know if you have life left in your brakes or if you are looking at some serious replacement work in the immediate future.Many drivers like to have their brakes checked when they have their tires rotated and when the snow tires are put on. This can be a good way for your mechanic to kill two birds with one stone and for you to plan out your brake job on a budget if need be.Your brakes are one of the most important safety features on your car and this is one maintenance task that you should never ignore or put off. If you somehow manage to not stay on top of the condition of your brakes when you have your tires taken care of, there are a few other warning signs your brakes themselves will give you.Brakes that grab when applied even lightly are not brakes that are just working really, really well. Grabbing brakes are a sign of a problem. On an opposite note, brakes that go all the way to the floor without making any impact on your car’s stopping ability are in dangerous need of repair. Your problem could be something as easy to fix as air in the master cylinder line or it may be that you need new pads. Your mechanic will have to get to your brakes to look at them and tell you what’s wrong with your braking system.Other problems that can occur include brakes that vibrate when applied, which can indicate that something is wrong with your master cylinder or warped rotors, among a few possibilities. The most obvious indicator that your brakes are not working correctly can be heard for blocks away as an embarrassing high-pitch squeal that your car makes when the brakes are applied. This noise is caused by a device on the brakes that comes in contact with the rotors when the brake padding is worn below safe limits.If you are experiencing any of the warning signs you need to have your brakes checked and repaired as soon as possible.

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If your car is exhibiting any of these warning signs and you think you may need brake repair in Twin Falls, don’t worry! There are capable mechanics out there who will get you going (and stopping) in no time at all. Read more here:

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