Auto Body and Paint Tools – Cut off Discs, Cut off Wheels and Grinders

Cut off wheels are a great add on to your auto body tool collection, especially if you’re getting into body kit fabrication, custom work and all around fun in the home garage or shop.

What I really have in the video above is a angel grinder converted into a cut off wheel (which is easy to do).

All you need to do is change the adapter so you can add your cut off discs on.

I purposely took the guard off so I can get a better view on what I am cutting.

Wear your safety goggles when using these tools!

You don’t want to risk your eyes. When it comes to cutting fiber glass and metal and it get’s in your eye, forget about it.

Happened a few times to me and let me tell you, that shit hurts.

You see the other tool I have in the video is a basic stone grinder, great for flattening out hack weld jobs (other peoples mess) and so on.

They are powerful machines.

No lose clothing when using this machine. I know a guy who ripped is stomach open wide because of that. Boy did his scar look gruesome.

I got a question from a VIP subscriber the other day and thought it would make a great video (hence, why I made this talking about disc types and sizes.

His question was Alvin, what grit disc to I need to cut and modify my bodykit?

Basically when buying discs for cut off wheels, they’re not like buying sand paper.

When buying sand paper you really have a few choices.

Wet and dry, sticky, velcro, and plain sheets.

You can get these tools from Amazon or local swap meets pretty darn cheap and they excellent additions to any hobby shop or business.